Although commercial roofing is very much a part of business operation success, it is often overlooked.  The roofing of a building is very important since it is the one that protects the building from the elements, it helps to maintain a comfortable climate indoors, and it protects the people and assets inside.  If you want your roofing to continue to do its job without having an adverse impact on profits, it needs proper maintenance and regular inspections.

You can usually see surface damage on your roof after heavy rain, high wind, or snowfall.  Standing water or bubbled materials is a clear visual sign that there is a problem.  Sometimes flashings have loose or missing sections which should be inspected.

It is important to have inspections twice annually so that your commercial roofing is kept in optimal condition.  It is recommended to do a professional examination although some building owners check for damage and then call Roofing Materials Jenks contractors for an in-depth diagnoses.  Early spring and late fall, just after the harshest seasons, are the best times to schedule your inspections.

When there are neglected repairs, it will eventually manifest itself inside the building.  There will be a staining of ceiling tiles, and discoloration of walls.  This is a sign that you decking material has deteriorated or damaged.  Bulges and cracks signify more extreme damage.  Window frames that are discolored or rotting suggest moisture or water damage that may be roof-related.  Signs of molds on the inside or outside the structure are also sometimes roof-related.

The roof’s gutter system carries water away from the building.  Clogged gutters make it difficult for the water to drain in the pipes.  When this happens, rain and moisture accumulates in certain areas.  You need to have your gutter system cleaned at least twice a year.  More frequent cleaning is required of gutters especially after storms and high winds.’

There are hazards posed by overhanging trees.  Your roof can be punctured or scratched if there are dead or storm damaged branches that will fall on it.  Roofs can easily deteriorate if trees drop leaves, pine cones, sap, and other debris on the roof’s surface.  If dead branches are a threat to the building, then it should be removed.  You should also trim healthy limbs if you do not want them to touch your structure.

Harmful UV rays can decrease the lifespan of traditional commercial roofing.  Hot sunny days also typically increase energy costs.  If you use cost friendly cool roofs, then you can solve your energy problems.  These products can decrease temperatures by 50 to 60 degrees during summer.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Jenks packages are offered by commercial roofing contractors to extend the life of your commercial roofing.   A maintenance plan provides peace of mind, and it makes it easy to detect problems early, minimizing unexpected expenses in the future.


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